America : Hollywood Calling

Welcome to the United States of America!!!


Often referred to as just ‘America’ or simply as ‘The States’, United States of America is a large country located in the North America. With the third largest population of the world, this beautiful country has sprawling suburbs and vast uninhabited natural areas. This place has a complete array of famous skyscrapers and natural wonders to sunny white beaches perfect for holidays. America as a country is full of complexities and diversities with several distinct regional identities. America as a tourist destination is perfect for all types of tourists and travellers whether it includes the honeymooners, the backpackers, the adventure junkies, the family vacationers and all other categories of travellers. In fact, people from all over the world can come and feel right at home what with the country being home to a large number of ethnic groups. The resulting mix characterized as a pluralistic salad bowl in which each culture retained their distinctive identities and an interesting ethnic culture of the city.